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latest upstart update in Fedora 15+ - upstart-1.2-2.fc15.x86_64
Good news at the beginning - upstart is still usable in Fedora 15 and Rawhide. How to use upstart in Fedora 15+ read here

upstart-1.2-2 brings some changes against -1 release.

1. /run
/run was announced few weeks ago as new feature in Fedora ... link ... It is created by dracut and also dracut mounts tmpfs on this directory, but the directory is not labelled correctly - it's left for systemd. Since with upstart, there is no systemd running, so it's needed relabel of /run in early boot. That is why /etc/init/fix-selinux-on-run.conf has been added in this release.

At the same time, tmpfiles.conf has been changed to create directories in /run as well.

2. binaries in /lib/upstart
upstart is now compiled with --sbindir=/lib/upstart option so all binaries are located in this directory. All files which used to be in /sbin in previous release are now symlinks. There's been also added /etc/profile.d/ file which adds /lib/upstart into your shell PATH variable. These changes result in these behaviour:

a) if you just type command without absolute path like 'telinit', 'reboot', 'shutdown', ... it will be called utility from upstart instead of systemd. You might have noticed message 'Failed to talk to init daemon.' which is written by systemd utils trying to talk systemd. This is away now.

# strace reboot
execve("/sbin/reboot", ["reboot"], [/* 18 vars */]) = 0
# strace reboot
execve("/lib/upstart/reboot", ["reboot"], [/* 26 vars */]) = 0
b) reboot command used to exec /sbin/shutdown, now it is
execve("/lib/upstart/shutdown", ["/lib/upstart/shutdown", "-r", "now"], [/* 19 vars */]) = 0

F15 update can be found here

Note: You will need new selinux-policy with context label rule -  /lib/upstart/init  init_exec_t  which should be already on the way to updates and rawhide.  It the meantime it can be temporary fixed with following command:
# chcon -t init_exec_t /lib/upstart/init


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