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How to disable upstart job in Fedora 15 and Fedora Rawhide? update
Ok, forget everything from How to disable upstart job in Fedora rawhide? It's dead end and also in some cases it doesn't work well. But there is another way, developed by upstream in 0.9 branch which would be probably used in new ubuntu.

There is bazaar revision 1262 within 0.9 branch introducing override files. Quotation from init(5):

       ·   Files ending in .override are called override files.  If an override file  is
           present,  the  stanzas  it  contains  take precedence over those equivalently
           named stanzas in the corresponding configuration file contents for a particu‐
           lar  job.   The  main  use for override files is to modify how a job will run
           without having to modify its configuration file directly.   See  the  section
           Override File Handling below for further details.

That means if you e.g. want to disable reboot on control-alt-delete, you can create /etc/init/crontrol-alt-delete.override file with manual stanza or changed exec stanza.

Fedora rawhide build with patch backporting this feature can be found at koji as task ID 2927903 now and update for Fedora 15 testing will be pushed soon. is waiting for your karma in bodhi - upstart-1.1-1.fc15 upstart-1.2-1.fc15